Become a Certified Professional Life Coach

My passion in creating this course was to give you everything you would need to start a thriving coaching practice now.

Think of it as coaching in a box.

You will learn professional life coaching skills in a fraction of the time other trainings take, at a fraction of the price they charge.

Receive all the tools you need to start your coaching practice.

Become a professional life coach in as few as 3 days or 2 weeks it's up to you.

What You Will Receive

*8 – 45-minute videos

*8 PowerPoints

*Life Coaching Core Skills Manual

*Master Level Coaching Demos

*Coaching Exercises and Forms

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Your Course Instructor

Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd, MCC, NBC-HWC

Founder and President

Flourish Wellbeing University

Learn from a Master Level Coach all that you need to become a Certified Professional Life Coach and start your coaching business now.